Z-Bum Diaper Cream

Z-Bum Diaper Cream


Z-Bum diaper rash cream is designed to alleviate diaper rash discomfort by providing premium protection as soon as it’s applied. This formula is a gentle yet powerful and effective cream that provides non-greasy, non-irritating, and non-comedogenic relief, while moisturizing and hydrating the skin to prevent further irritation and dryness.

▪ Easy to apply and remove while bathing

▪ Cloth and diaper safe




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  • Active Ingredients

    22%  zinc oxide, clinically proven to provide the a thick barrier and fast relief with a blend of natural aloe and vitamin E

  • Uses

    • Treats and prevents diaper rash
    • Creates a protective barrier to seal out wetness
    • Convenient tube helps you access every last bit of product
  • Drug Facts

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