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  • TexaClear® Natural Texas Allergy Relief Drops

    TexaClear® Natural Allergy Relief is a safe and effective homeopathic remedy for Texas allergy symptoms. This gentle, sublingual formula defends against the allergens that cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and nasal congestion. TexaClear®Natural homeopathic drops work by exposing your body to micro-doses of the long list of Texas trees, weeds and grasses causing your symptoms. Find fast acting, natural, immunotherapy with TexaClear® Natural Allergy Relief.




    • Active Ingredients

      Antigens 6X, 12X, 30X: *Zones 2, 5, & 6 Grasses, *Zones 2, 5, & 6 Trees, *Zones 2, 5, & 6 Weeds; Herbal Drainage Remedies 3X: Baptisia tinctoria HPUS, Hydrastis canadensis HPUS, Myrrha HPUS, Nasturtium aquaticum HPUS, Phytolacca decandra HPUS, Trigonella foenum-graecum, Echinacae 3X HPUS.

    • Uses

      Relief from Sneezing, Runny Nose, Itchy Eyes and Sinus Congestion.

      This product is homeopathic dilution formulated to support the body’s immunity for the temporary relief of allergies.

    • Clean Formula

      ▪ Dye Free

      ▪ Gluten Free

      ▪ Non-Drowsy

      ▪ Natural Allergy Relief